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C.F.I.A # A-31358


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Grupo Fenix ​​AECO BIM VDC Consultores En Tecnología Para La Construcción S.A. 3-101-794145 / Phoenix Consultores ®, we are technology in construction ® '' - registered trademark 283511 - was founded in 2017 by the Costa Rican architect Rogelio Aguilar Rodríguez - CFIA # A-31358, who is an active incorporated member of the College Federado de Ingenieros y Arquitectos de Costa Rica CFIA, university professor at the Universidad Latina de Costa Rica in the faculty of engineering and architecture, member of the BIM joint commission of the Federado Colegio de Ingenieros y Arquitectos de Costa Rica and member of the BIM Forum Costa Rica from the Costa Rican Chamber of Construction, consultant, BIM manager, BIM / BIM Manager technical director and current general director of the Phoenix Consultores project.


Our office is developed based on the technological needs absent in the construction sector, being a virtual support office for those who remain as users of architecture, engineering, construction (AEC) and real estate.


Currently Phoenix Consultores remains as a consulting entity in BIM, LEAN, VDC technologies under construction; keeping as main service training in groups of participants and private clients, consultancies and business implementations and the execution of project development in construction work.

The work methodology has been structured under standards of pedagogies in teaching due to the experience acquired with various and multiple students throughout our trajectory.


Phoenix Consultores positions its name as one of the most qualified Costa Rican BIM teams for the execution, monitoring, inspection and coordination of projects in the field of BIM and construction technologies.


Additionally, we have acquired the image and brand rights of Autodesk for Costa Rica; being a new authorized training and certifying center. This guarantees quality and high standards in all our services for each of our clients.


We are Phoenix

We are technology in construction.


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