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CREDITS: David Barco Moreno from Berrilan BIM has been working on this database since 2009, which is included for free in the Gestproject® LT software developed by Micad Global Group (both companies are partners of buildingSMART Spain).

This base is a library of BIM Reference Documentation: guides, manuals, EIRs, standards, protocols, mandates, etc. To which will be added other records of interest to professionals and companies in the AECO sector.

BIM Channel, Shared Coordinates, Universidad Europea and Butic The New School have collaborated in the work.

This information has been transferred to buildingSMART Spain for the creation of the dashboard.

If any information in this document is used, meaning that information is merely illustrative texts, photographs, graphics, images and icons, partially or totally, the source and date of publication must be explicitly mentioned.


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